How to write an equivalence class

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Haskell Programming: Attractive Types

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Rethinking Equivalence Class Partitioning, Part 1

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This is an equivalence relation on $\mathbb Z \times (\mathbb Z \setminus \{0\})$; here there are infinitely many equivalence classes with each with infinitely many members.

Considering your example, we. A subset Y of X such that a ~ b holds for all a and b in Y, and never for a in Y and b outside Y, is called an equivalence class of X by ~.

Let []:= {∈ ∣ ∼} denote the equivalence class to which a belongs. All elements of X equivalent to each other are also elements of the same equivalence class.

Quotient set. maybe this example i found can help: If X is the set of all cars, and ~ is the equivalence relation "has the same color as", then one particular equivalence class consists of all green cars. X/~ could be naturally identified with the set of all car colors.

How to write an equivalence class
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